Thursday, 31 December 2015

12 Varieties of modern British Bullshit - #4 - "Raising awareness"

I thought this series would be an easy way to open fire again. Turns out the origins of this one aren't British and are, in fact, yet another example of crap feminism - a subject I was very eager to avoid for now. Ho hum, we shall plough on..

"Raising awareness" .. how does that sound to you? How do you imagine the person saying it? To me this evokes Shirley Williams in her prime, leaning forward earnestly in your direction.

The subtext of the phrase "raising awareness" is of course, that the person speaking thinks they know what's what...

..AND THAT YOU DON'T.  You need to be told, by someone who knows better than you, you ignorant barbarian.

Remember these are invariably the people who railed against the class system, showing, as ever, that they think they are intellectually and morally more sophisticated than the bewilderingly huge mass of probably-Daily-Mail-readers they are patiently talking down to.

It's bullshit, and we employ it with style. Well done us