Monday, 28 February 2011

A day

A difficult day in some ways.

I have a beautiful little family that might be enough joy for anyone, but there is a sad weight in my heart. There is someone else I miss every day. Sometimes it's not so hard to live with, but like an old war-wound there are days when it makes itself felt, and I have to stop myself going to see her. I bumped into her the other day. We looked at each other and went out separate ways (me first for some reason) I tried not to look back. Eventually I did, and she was gone.

Now ain't that sad? "Don't get sentimental it always ends up drivel" says the song. It's trying to tell me something.  I guess it's being emotionally tired, as opposed to physically tired. I had little motivation, just a few tired dreams still knocking around in my skull. Everyone seemed bad-tempered today.

TinyBuddha is telling me to go with the flow. Not bad advice.

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