Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Completely despondent today. Why? God knows. A mixture of watching Micro men (see above), thinking about a certain person (see above)

Also listening to Primal Scream - Come together - I imagine she danced to this as a young thing, but that is purely my invention, I'm making history up. It's the first time I've listened to it properly, missed out on it entirely when I was that age - too busy doing whatever the BLOODY HELL it was I did with those years. I never used to dance - particularly to this stuff. Now I think it's wonderful

(actually some good memories round then. But I was a repressed, frightened kid. And I let it blight my life then and perhaps I still do)

Got a bit of a test of character later this week, too. Can't see a good day happening for a little while. I don't expect this mood to last - in fact why the hell am I talking about it? The point of this blog is the rest of the world!

Everyone seems bad-tempered in the rest of the world, though. Ridiculous. My theory is that weather conditions mean that everyone in a city wakes up with the same headache on the same day and goes through everything in a bad mood. I do wonder what's set me off this last week. Had one amazing day then 7 pieces of nonsense masquerading as "days" and not deserving the title

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