Sunday, 27 March 2011


I was going to be rude about Laurie Penny and 98% of all journos, but I want to instead focus on Radio 4 and the hard time I often give them, and say some nice things about them for a change.

I won't go as far as to call the channel a "national treasure" as I believe they recently called themselves rather self-congratulatingly. My problems with the channel stem from the preponderance of the following programs

  • "Today"
  • PM at bloody 5pm (all the news coverage really: every hour, on the hour, and full of the sweet and smelly stuff)
  • Woman's Hour (sorry but I can't listen to any more of Jenni Murray or any of her guests*)
  • "Thinking allowed" (ffs)
  • one or two others
But I have to sing the praises of some of the drama they present: A superb radio adaptation of I Claudius - rivalling the 1976 TV version starring Derek Jacobi, it really was that good - many of the things that end up on Radio 7, the Professor Challenger stories now being aired, and this wonderful program on unsung Inventors called "Genius Unrecognised"

Beautiful stuff :) have a listen!

* there was a good program a year or two back with the mandolin player Alison Stephens (who has since sadly died). Which was so good I was tempted to start listening a few more times, arrghh.

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