Monday, 21 March 2011

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I'm rather worried about the pending image-change for my favourite radio station in the UK.  BBC Radio 7 is full of the most marvellous drama and readings. The comedy I personally find boring most of the time, but here's just a small sample of the programmes that I've enjoyed, off the top of my head:

The "Falco" stories dramatised with Anton Lesser in the main role, superb!
"The tenderness of Wolves" an adaptation of a recent novel,
"Professor Challenger" stories by Conan Doyle,
A selection of Somerset Maugham's stories,
"Doctor Finlay's black bag",
A life of Colonel Toosey (WW2 general portrayed in Bridge over the river Kwai)
The rather confusing, but very entertaining Paul Temple mysteries
A reading of Ian Fleming's "Casino Royale",
the Father Baldi stories,
A dramatisation of "Fatherland" by Robert Harris.

I could go on and on. These programmes (and others) kept me sane during 2 very stressful stays in hospital. I'm hoping the high quality content will continue but the name change - if it's necessary at all - is rather ominous. BBC Radio 4 comes across as way too opinionated politically and rather too keen on "educating" us.*

* In our time does manage to educate very well, as does More or less. Other programmes suffer from the editorial slant of those in charge of R4

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